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would go on to beat the united states ambassador to libya showed early signs of wanting to be a u.s. diplomat. >> he was very active in the model u.n. club. he was also editor in chief andand our award winning high school newspaper. the principal says his death is his example to commitment to service. >> once we get over the shock we will reflect on what we can do to share his life's work with our students. he was in the peace corps, he was active in community service he was an honorable person. on >>catherine: the embassy attack has ignited a firestorm on the campaign trail. on >> angry democrats are now saying this is no time for romney to be taking shots of u. s. farm policy. the romney campaign it canceled a florida campaign speech, sending supporter's home and held a news conference. >> a terrible course for america to withstand an apology for our values. >> democrats blasted romney for what they said was a political attack and aftermath of the tragedy. >> i do not think he knows what he is talking about, frankly. >> notably of other republicans did not echo from thes
.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans, but the anti-american violence and turmoil has spread to at least nine countries across the middle east. today's after a mob in libya killed for diplomatic workers including ambassador chris stevens, a deadly outbreak in the arab world escalates over this low-budget american made video insulting islam is a founder. some of the worst violence today was in yemen. hundreds of protesters stormed the american embassy. there were held back by security forces but some managed to destroy cars and burned u.s. flags in the plant or office equipment. the embassy staff had been safely evacuated hours earlier. it's at least for yemeni protesters died in the clashes stereotypes in egypt, where the anti-american anger began on tuesday, protesters scuffled with police. officers fired tear gas and dozens were hurt. protesters say they want an apology from the president. >> make an official apology to all islamic nations. >> the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. >>catherine: and iran, hundreds screen to death to ame
man in the peace corps. during the revolution, he arrived in libya on that cargo ship. he believes in libya and its people and they love him back. in benghazi, he laid down his life for his friends. libyan in the americans. for us all. >> evidence of the deep emotions at the highest levels as the ceremonies ended, clinton reached out to take the hand of her commander in chief. the building where the four men died has been gutted and looted. >> we stood inside the room where we believe the ambassador died and it was an utterly here raising experience. there were bloodstains and a partial hand print. you cannot help but to be disgusted by what transpired in horrified by what those moments must have been like. >> libyan authorities did have arrested four people in connection with the consular the tax. >> violent anti-american rallies are happening in more than a dozen countries throughout the middle east. the assault on u.s. embassies are continuing and have turned deadly carry four people have been killed. >> despite pleas for world leaders, the protests and violence are spreadi
causing similar demonstrations across the the least since last week. the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens was murdered in libya from its the violence. the film's producer lives in southern california and has been identified. authorities say that he has a criminal record, >> of britain's royal couple is fussing ahead with their tour of southeast asia as if controversy over topless photographs of the duchess of cambridge services. they said a second date to link the solomon islands. >> the couple are putting a brave face on things. and it was a big welcome and a lot going on. off tests of our patent >>pam: it down day for wall street this month, after last week's four day rally, the dow jones closed down 40 points at 13,553. >> the s&p 500 fell nearly 5 points to 14,061. stocks surged last week after the federal reserve announced plans to buy bonds in of of of the economy. >>mark: we are watching today's winners and losers on wall street. apple is a winner. it seems like expectations the eyes all five have been surpassed. >> we look at apple as a one-year products, where is in
the assassination of the u.s. ambassador in libya and said the world will not tolerate mob violence. >> the people and got the send this message loudly and clearly on friday when they forcefully rejected the extremists in their midst and reclaimed the honor and dignity of a courageous city. >> the president it's yielding criticism for skipping bilateral meetings with world leaders of making time for an appearance on a daytime talk show. haugh >> last week he spoke with the president of egypt and a leader of libya, we do not need a meeting in washington just to confer with leaders. >>catherine: a mitt romney is trying to close the black kid in important selling stakes. if it is not debate time yet but mitt romney was looking for one foreign-policy and from a cloud and colorado. that is where he laid into president obama for describing the recent unrest in the middle east as a bombs in the road capacity there. >>president obama: i a.m pretty certain there will be bombs in the road because in many of these places, the one who has the principle has been islam. >> he said the developments in the m
men killed in the attack at the u.s. consulate in libya last week. he was working private security when a mob attacked him on september 11th. a former navy seal was among four people killed. demonstrators were angry about a film made in the u.s.. an actress who appears in a clip of that film says she will continue to get youtube to pull a trailer. >>pam: another thursday check of the evening commute. >>pam: wall street is feeling the pain of weaker economic reports. stocks were mixed across the board. the dow picked up 19 points to close at 13,597. the nasdaq ended at 3176. >> let's start with a big market of state, robert black is joining us. winners and losers. starbucks is getting into single serve coffee machines. >> this is a big market, and $8 billion market. soon, you will be able to get them in the macy's and williams sonoma. it is an $8 billion market. starbucks has acquired juice companies and a better sandwiches and now at home as well. >> and mcdonald's, these are high school seniors going off to college. and like the investment and not so much on the additional jo
that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya and three others. hear from the america's embrace of all religions. >>president obama: the teacher must not belong to those this land of a profit of as long, but to be credible, those who condemn the as latter must also condemn the hate we see in the images of jesus christ that are desecrated or churches that are destroyed. or, a holocaust that is denied. >> the president took on a number of issues that trade between america and the muslim world warning iran that the world is growing impatient with its secrecy around the nuclear program. >>president obama: america wants to resolve the issue and we believe there is still time and space to do so. >> a lesson in freedom of expression. >>president obama: at a time so when anyone with a sulfone can spread offensive it used with the click of a button, the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete and on this, we must agree, there is no speech that justifies a mindless of violence. >>catherine: while the president was there, mitt romney was joining paul ryan in ohio. they will be
as that happens. with difficult patches and is comments about the death of the ambassador and the upset in libya. upsetting people on both sets of the aisle and up some comments he made in the month of may reporting the 47%. of the news people that support all,. and many people saw those comments as insulting supporting obama. suggesting that they could be moochers. that has raised a lot of controversy for the mitt romney campaign. this is a live picture from the s f o airport. we have waited to see his people come off and it usually will end up with him coming off the plane, soon. again the top ticket is $50,000. he continues to raise money for this campaign is just two months away. before election day. and he also decided that the campaign was releasing the 2011 tax returns a lot of discussion about that. and the 2010 returns. many of his critics have wanted to release more. his father was a presidential candidate in the late 1960's was one of the first candidates. and his father is releasing 10 years of his tax returns. mr. romney, however insisting that the law only requires them of the last
not on the scene. they have been having trouble getting clearance from libya to get there. >> friday will mark the 20 chaos on city streets or chaochaos. there will be a lot of bikers turning out. everyone and their grandmother will be out here right now they will paddle about 6:00 p.m.. as always where they go from there is up to the rioters in the front of the pack. i would not anticipated taking one around. drivers that are heading home will notice that intersections will be blocks of the bikers can pass through safety safsay fla't expecting any trouble because they're not looking for any trouble. we're just out to celebrate and fill the streets with bikes. the police are expecting a lot of people and they will monitor the situation to help keep it safe and ease congestion. other officers will be on standby waiting just in case things turn out ugly. >> there are no problems on mid walnut creek. the headlights are northbound on 680 but the traffic is fine. >> save up to 35% on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but hurry, sleep trai
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9